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Calciomercato > Francia > CM.IT EXCLUSIVE - Leonardo set for Psg return as a coach

CM.IT EXCLUSIVE - Leonardo set for Psg return as a coach

Paris Saint-Germain have decided to go for an ultimatum for Laurent Blanc

Leonardo (Getty Images)
Tancredi Palmeri (Twitter: @tancredipalmeri)

30/09/2014 12:19

CALCIOMERCATO.IT EXCLUSIVE / PARIS (France) - Watch out for what is gonna happen at Parc des Princes. And we aren't talking only about PSG-Barcelona. Cause the the club from Paris have decided to go for an ultimatum.

This is the week that will decide the very near future of Laurent Blanc. PSG have decided that if the manager will lose versus Barcelona, then he will have another last chance. But, considering that Ibrahimovic won't be available against Barcelona, therefore Blanc is seriously risking his job.

But that's not all. If PSG will be defeated, then the real ultimatum will be activated. Because on sunday night at 9pm it is scheduled PSG-Monaco. It was supposed to be the game for the title, but El Loco Bielsa is leaving his big footprint (and Jorge Mendes already left his smart footprint), so at the moment PSG are -5 from the leaders Marseille, which eventually won't be bothered by play any european fixture. So here comes the ultimatum: if after being defeated by Barcelona, PSG won't be able to win against Monaco, then Blanc will be sacked. Not even a draw will save him.

Let's repeat it, there are two conditions that must be satisfied: losing against Barcelona, and not winning versus Monaco 5 days later. Instead, if something more than this will come from these guys, then Blanc will save his job. For the moment, at least. Because there is still an important piece missing from this puzzle.

The rumour of Roberto Mancini as possible Blanc's replacement has gone around, but actually the scenario should be different. Because at the end of last week, Leonardo went back to Paris. His ban has expired. And PSG have decided that if Blanc will be sacked, Leonardo will be back, not as general manager but as coach (or maybe as both, a la Ferguson). Watch out cause the sky over Paris is deep blue.

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