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  • PSG, Exclusive, Rovera: Mbappè triggers a domino effect
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PSG, Exclusive, Rovera: Mbappè triggers a domino effect exclusively interviewed the Italian journalist

TRANSFER MARKET SERIE A LIGUE 1 /Neymar's recent move to PSG was the top deal of the current transfer market session but the talented Kylian Mbappé is going to be the next protagonist of this incredible summer 2017. has exclusively contacted Simone Rovera, an Italian journalist who collaborates in France with RMC and SFR. Rovera is also Sky Sport, Il Giornale, and Tuttosport's correspondent from Paris. 

MBAPPÈ-PSG: Even if there are various rumors around, our impression is that Mbappè is already in agreement with PSG. The main issue is the financial fair is it possible that PSG is going to spend another €150 million? Monaco is not willing to sell the player to another French team. If PSG will be able to purchase this player too, it will probably be the undisputed champion of the next Ligue 1. However, I still believe that this deal is not closed yet, I keep a 51% chance that Mbappè will not be a PSG player. French media believe that PSG cannot afford this deal too. The club seems to be calm and serene. Probably they have a plan to generate great revenues with sponsors. In reality, it doesn't seem to be possible that a club can cope with its financial fair play obligations spending that match in just a transfer market session. I have to say, though, that it would be very weird that PSG is doing what it is doing without being sure of their financial return. 

DOMINO EFFECT-MONACO: "If Mbappè's deal will be sealed I believe that Monaco is not going to target players worth €50-60-70 million.

Its management is very bright and smart. They will probably chase great talents such as Dolberg or Schick in order to resell them for a premium years after. Although negotiations for those two players are very difficult at this time, I am sure that Monaco is not going to approach profiles like Dybala or Icardi. Keita is another player that they like but we even have to assess Neymar's effect on the Ligue 1. Although Monaco could become a top destination for players we cannot be sure that this will happen soon. 

DOMINO EFFECT-PSG: "I believe that PSG could sell a top striker if there will be too many top figures up there. Those who could depart are Draxler, Lucas, and Di Maria. However, Lucas and Neymar are great friends and the first spent great words about PSG to convince the Brazilian star to accept the destination. For these reasons, I don't believe that he is the player that will be pushed out. Draxler was purchased for €40 million in January. It would be incredible if a player that has arrived just a few months ago would be sold. Di Maria is probably the first candidate to leave the Parisian's team. The Argentine would not accept to be relegated to the bench. Barcelona could be the right destination for him but the Blaugrana are chasing Dembele and Coutinho at this time. Di Maria-Inter? It could be a possible deal if PSG will not find another club that wants the player. Inter has the necessary financial resources to complete this deal but the main issue would be Di Maria's salary that is €9 million a season. Right now Di Maria to Inter is just a dream but at the end of August, it could be a possible deal.  

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