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  • EXCLUSIVE! Mancini: "Mourinho isn't the President of the Portuguese Federation. I'm glad for Balotelli"
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EXCLUSIVE! Mancini: "Mourinho isn't the President of the Portuguese Federation. I'm glad for Balotelli"

Interview with the former coach of Manchester City

EXCLUSIVE MANCINI MOURINHO BALOTELLI / ROMA - Yesterday you were in Rome at the ‘Olympic’ Stadium to watch CSKA Moscow and the 6 goals’ show: did you enjoy?

"Yes, I was here as a guest and I want to thank A.S.
Roma football club for giving me this welcome opportunity.
Many compliments to Garcia and his team: I think there was no better way to start his career in a so hard home and away games".

After this first round of the Champions League, you already need to write down an analysis: which one of the two teams did you impress the most? Furthermore, what is the best well-balanced round according to you?

"Definitely Roma team’s round is the best one.
Actually, I think that Manchester City-Roma contest game will guide the destiny of the round."

Regarding to the Champions League, Balotelli and Immobile are two luxury goal-scoring migrants for their new teams: why does Italian football not succeed in holding their talents back?

"I am pleased with the results of our footballers’ performances abroad.
They have the chance to get better because they play with continuity and this is a good improvement for the national team."

What about the present and future of Mancini? When are we going to see you once again on the bench? Rumors has it that you will come back soon...

"They often talk about me, telling wrong things.
For example, I’ve heard of some contacts with Lokomotiv Moscow as well as my requests for salary figures but they make no sense at all.
The truth is that no one ever called me from Russia, nor I have any mediator dealing with my business there.
Don’t listen to those claiming to be my agents or brokers: they’re just looking for some visibility.

Rumors has it that you are going to be the next coach of Portugal: what about coaching Cristiano Ronaldo?  

"Portugal is one of the best national football teams and it would be an honour for me to get in touch with the best players ever.
Actually, coaching an amazing football champion like Cristiano Ronaldo would be a highlight for me!"

But Mourinho does not agree with you.
Actually, he says that he does not want a foreigner to coach the Portuguese National football team...
What do you think about that?

"I think that Mourinho is still the coach of Chelsea, not the President of the Portuguese Federation.
The choice of the new  Portugal football team selector is a matter dealing with the President of the Portuguese Federation and I am sure he will take the right decision for the national football team, whichever it would be”.

Claudio Ranieri went to coach a national football team as Capello, Zaccheroni and De Biasi did before him.
Italian coaches are highly valued abroad: is that because they are well prepared or highly experienced, as you like to describe them?

"Yes, I believe that the Italian coaches are highly experienced.
Actually, I think they are the best in the world: I am sure that Claudio Ranieri will manage well Greece as he previously did with Monaco.
I am also thinking about  Carlo Ancelotti  who just won the Champions League with a club like Real Madrid and Cesare Prandelli who went to Galatasaray".

On October 24, you will participate in the match between the European and Brazilian best football players taking place in Florida.
There will be also Alessandro Nesta, Franco Baresi, Bobo Vieri and many others ...
are you training yourself for your come back?

 I'm already worried (laughs).
I'm working hard, I run tens of kilometers on a bike.

What do you think about the rising American football movement of the last years? (Are you involved in this experience?)

The Americans have grown over the past 10 years, MLS is turning into a very interesting season for the Italian players and coaches: there is a lot of potential.
My son Filippo who is studying in America at this present time is quite involved in this.

Once again your son Andrea was the protagonist in the Hungarian Cup matching 3 assists and a goal, the second one as a professional athlete in a few days.
Is it his true nature as a lineman coming out or is it just a matter of DNA?

Of course, this is a great satisfaction for the both of us.
Even yesterday he played a good game scoring and, above all, helping the team with three assists.
He's making his own way and, as I have often said, he knows he must keep on working hard and never giving up.

Recently you have attended a lot on the social networks and your fans have widely appreciated it...

It 'a way to stay in touch with the fans and I am doing the best to answer to them all.
The social networks allow you to be constantly well-informed about everything and I like to let people know who I really am outside the football field.

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