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The Ultimate Top Transfers of the Summer

Premier League dictating but Barcelona take the first spot

ULTIMATE TOP TRANSFER OF THE SUMMER  / ROMA - It's a no contest for Premier League.
English dominate the ranking of the top 10 signings of this session, getting until 50% of it.
This time Spain (where for Spain we mean only Real Madrid and Barcelona…) got only 2 out of 10, but two of the most important at least.
On the other side Liga is the one that sold the most of these 10 signings, until 4 (and 2 from Real Madrid, armageddon!).
The german flag flies high thanks to Bayern, that also take the award for the club with most signing (3) in the ranking, while Financial Fair-Play stopping PSG means that France disappear from the radar, with Italy and their scouting issues.

James Rodriguez (from Monaco to Real Madrid - 80m €)

Only 23 years old, World Cup top scorer, and the best player for Monaco in the past season.
His upgrade has no limits, and his way to play makes him unpredictable for defenders.
But be sure that without World Cup, Florentino would have never spend that much, or probably would not even thought about him…

Mehdi Benatia (from Roma to Bayern Munich - 26m €)

Considering how few reliable centrebacks are around, in the end Bayern did a real bargain, taking advantage first of the mess made by Benatia's entourage in June when it was wasted the chance to pick the Manchester City's bid of 35m €, and then of a too high request made by Roma to Manchester United.
Benatia would have simply fit in whatever starting XI in the world.

Xabi Alonso (from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich - 10m €)

Bayern doing it again, because the price is simply ridiculous.
Xabi will turn 33 in november, so he got still some season at very high level in the can, and if it will be like what we have seen with Madrid, well then in Munich they won't need to wait Oktoberfest to get drunk.

Mario Balotelli (from Milan to Liverpool - 20m €)

Nevermind Balotelli antics: his last season with Milan was labelled as a disaster, still he was the top scorer of the team and one of the 3 most decisive player.
In a more solid team like Liverpool he can benefit from not being held as the man of destiny every two games.
Plus, the price is almost half of his value.

Cesc Fabregas (from Barcelona to Chelsea - 33m €)

He was almost considered responsible for Barcelona's failure, but it wasn't his fault if he had to stand in the line to get minutes.
With a bit of trust, he is able to be back to that leader role that he took so early in his career on the other side of London.
Delivering when the manager believes in him.

Angel Di Maria (from Real Madrid to Manchester United - 80m €)

Probably at the moment the most decisive midfielder.
But, at that price it is a nonsense.
Especially considering that only a month earlier the agreement between Real Madrid and PSG was closed for 65m €, so surely Florentino knew how to push the panic button with United…

Diego Costa (from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea - 40m €)

He is good, he is strong, and he is at his peak.
Mourinho needed his Drogba, now he has it.
Considering the money we have seen flying around for whatever player, it is an absolute great business for the Blues, who needed someone ready for the next 2-3 seasons.

Robert Lewandowski (from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich - for free)

Doing your homework in advance is never a bad strategy.
But you need the ability to do it, as Bayern had in last seasons.
One of best centre-forward around, focused and consistent, with best converting stats.
Signed for free.
Read it again.
Signed for free.

Radamel Falcao (from Monaco to Manchester United - for 10m €)

Don't get confused by late injury, he is ready to be back at his level.
The loan fee is fair; the conditions turning it into a permanent deal are questionable; the wages offered are absolutely crazy.
That doesn't affect though the fact that Manchester United signed a guarantee to get 25 goals per season from a single player.

Luis Suarez (from Liverpool to Barcelona - for 82m €)

Surely among top 10 in the world.
It wasn't cheap.
But consider this: last season he has been able to score 31 goals in Premier in spite of missing many games and in spite of the unbelievable pressure around him, which actually seems to make him perform even better.

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