Betfair, Messi’s goal against Valencia validated


The betting company has decided to pay bets relating to the goal not validated by the referee

NEWS BETFAIR MESSI / The betting house Betfair has decided to reward the bettors who predicted that Messi was going to score a goal at Mestalla stadium in the match against Valencia. As the images clearly show, Messi scored a valid goal in the last La Liga game. Although neither the referee nor the linesman noted that the ball passed the line the cameras positioned off the field have revealed that the shot of the Argentine star should have been rewarded with a goal. 

Betfair's strategic move had a great impact all over the world

Having noted that it was a clear goal, Betfair has decided to reward its clients. It was a matter of justice for the betting house that released an official statement to explain its decision.

“In a gesture of goodwill and justice with its customers, Betfair not only pays those who bet on the tie but also those who bet on Barcelona's victory.”

Strategically, this was a great move. With this simple gesture, the bookmaker has achieved a great impact, a decision that will strengthen the link between the company and Barça fans. Currently, Betfair is also one of Barcelona's official sponsors.