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Calciomercato > Juventus > Juventus, EXCLUSIVE Palmeri: "Meeting with Manchester City for Pogba"

Juventus, EXCLUSIVE Palmeri: "Meeting with Manchester City for Pogba"

The rumors gathered by Calciomercato.it's reporter regarding the French midfielder

Paul Pogba (Getty Images)
Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri)

09/12/2014 15:21

JUVENTUS POGBA MANCHESTER CITY EXCLUSIVE PALMERI / ROME - This is getting serious. Juventus and some delegates on behalf of Manchester City will meet for Pogba in next hours in Italy, probably in Turin. At the meeting there could be also Paul Pogba's agent, the powerful Mino Raiola, as 'bridgeman' between the two, a role he has covered many times in the past for his transfers. Let's not forget Raiola was decisive for the last minute transfer of Robinho from Manchester City to Milan.

So City are not wasting time: last friday they had the meeting with Pogba's agent, as we reported yesterday exclusively. Now, probably picking the chance of their Champions League trip, the meeting with Juventus. It's difficult anyway to imagine that such a transfer would be ready on january, but Manchester City are already going beyond just showing their interest.  

The pricetag is known: it will hardly be far from 60 millions of €. But if City, after meeting Raiola, are so soon and already going for a more direct contact, then it means that the price doesn't scare them. It's a long way though, but something is happening.

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