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Breaking: Manchester City Bid 40m€ and now Monaco want to breach the loan deal with Real Madrid

MANCHESTER CITY FALCAO REAL MADRID MONACO / ROMA - The Falcao saga is without any doubt one of most incredible in the history of transfer windows. Since broke the news of the agreement for the loan to Real Madrid on Thursday, an endless succession of events have occurred. We worked hardly in last 2 days to recollect all the pieces of the puzzle, and now here we are. A timeline of the events of last 48hours is the best tool to understand 'The Curious Case of Radamel Falcao'.

1. On thursday night, after a lenghty evening of bargaining over the phone with several clubs, Monaco and Falcao's agent, Mendes, they reach an agreement with Real Madrid, as announced in exclusive by

2. On Friday morning, Monaco and Real Madrid reach an agreement. On Thursday we said terms were unknown. The latest rumours reported about 20 millions of euros for a loan with obligation for Real Madrid to purchase the player at a bigger price a year later. 

ATTENTION! We are now able to reveal you the details of the agreement: 10m € for a one-year loan with an option, not obligation, to purchase at 30m € price. IMPORTANT don't forget this detail as it's the key of the story

3. It was a matter of few hours for Falcao to sign the agreement. Something that looked just a formality given that Falcao's first choice as always been Real Madrid

4. Meanwhile, Mendes continues his talks to inform the other clubs that the agreement is about to be closed

5. There are three clubs involved. Two are Juventus and Arsenal. Why we put them together? Because, both clubs, once they hear about the deal, they try to offer more in terms of salary but still orientated at a loan with purchase option.

6.Falcao's work group refuses the offers from Juventus and Arsenal

7. The third club is Manchester City. They ask Mendes to take time for a day because their intention is to make a purchase offer.

8. Friday afternoon. Falcao is called-up for the Ligue 1 game. Real Madrid are surprised at the move and realize something is going on. They get to know about Man City's offer.

9. Saturday, lunch time. Falcao is excluded from the list of call-ups, the bluffing is uncovered. Meanwhile time has passed.

10. Saturday afternoon. Man City send their offer. It's 40m € and it's not a coincidence that the amount corresponds to what Real Madrid would have paid at the end of the loan had they used the purchase option. City puts all the money on the table in one to with no regrets, because they want to transfer Falcao to Manchester permanently.

11. This is the offer Monaco was looking for as they have the need to recover as much money as possible. However, there's an existing contract which is missing Falcao's signature

12. The only choice for the French club is to convince Falcao to accept Man City's offer, or saying better, to refuse Real Madrid's one

13. Falcao has always dreamt of playing in Real Madrid. However, due to his age and injuries, he looks for a permanent contract that would protect his position. Meanwhile, a tweet appears in his timeline generating a big uproar berore being removed and denied by the player himself.

14. Saturday night. The decision is uncertain until the very last moment. This timeline ends at 3am after a lenghty three party meeting: Mendes, City and Monaco. Falcao closes the long day with out having taken a decision.

15. Sunday, today. The last bit to be written by Falcao hands. Provided other surprise won't kick in to make this transfer market case more intriguing than a spy story.

UPDATE: at 11am Falcao still hadn't communicate his decision

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